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Eric Hawkinson

Eric is a learning futurist, tinkering with and designing technologies that may better inform the future of teaching and learning. Eric is president and research coordinator of MAVR, a research group working in immersive technologies for teaching and learning, and more specifically, augmented and virtual realities in language learning. Eric's day job is at the Kyoto University of Foreign Studies where he teaches courses and conducts research on issues related to technology in tourism and education. Eric also leads a team of interactive media designers for TEDxKyoto. His passion project, ARientation is an award winning, free-to-use, privacy-by-design augmented learning platform to rapid prototype augmented learning environments, also aiming to spread awareness of increasing aggressive data collection models using immersive technology. Eric's other projects have included augmented tourism rallies, AR community art exhibitions, mixed reality escape rooms, and other experiments in immersive technology.

Eric Hawkinson

Core Passion

To understand the factors and technologies reshaping how humans happily teach, learn, work, and grow.

Core Values

• Open Knowledge - Free and open access to information is a foundation to a productive modern life, connected to ideas of the open web and platform agnosticism.
• Privacy by Design - Business models are increasing moving toward supporting revenue by collecting, curating, and trading behavioral surplus through technology. These models should be tempered with safety, ethics, and privacy concerns and designed as such.
• Digital Literacy for All - An informed public about the use of technology is key for a responsible and engaged digital society. 

Core Topics

• The Future of Teaching and Learning
• Immersive Learning Deisgn
• Augmented and Virtual Learning Development
• Designing Mixed Reality Learning Environments
• Digital Citizenship, Privacy, and Ethics
• Digital and Immersive Tourism
• AR/VR/MR/XR Research
• Automation in Teaching and Learning

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Educational Technology Consulting

Working with districts, schools, and companies to best design and deploy technology for teaching and learning

Immersive  Design & Development

Developing and implementing augmented and virtual learning environments

Public Speaking

Public outreach on issues in schools and society from immersive technology integration

Certified Leadership

Innovator Hawkinson

Certified Google Innovator


MIE Hawkinson

Microsoft Innovative Educator



Certified Human Researcher


Adobe Education Leader

Adobe Education Leader



Communities of Practice - Creating bridges between people, ideas, and specializations with connections in different thriving communities of practice.

Passion Projects


ARientation is an immersive learning platform that is free, easy to use, and doesn't look to take all your data. It's designed to be a simple, fast and easy way to create augmented environments for teaching and learning. Find more at

ARientation ARientation


These are projects which have spawned lives of their own, sparking new and interesting journeys over time

Forever Kyoto
Immersive Tourism

Experience Japan like you've lived here forever
- with immersive media and human stories from the land of the rising sun. Immersive media content from Kyoto and Japan to explore such as VR videos, augmented reality tours, and 360 photos from places of interest. Started in 2011 to gather English language user generated content on the less visited areas of Kyoto, has now expanded into a mix of new media projects to promote Japan and it's less known beauty and culture to the world.

Together Learning
Learning Design

Together Learning is an immersive and e-learning learning sandbox. We develop, test, research, and share digital learning content. It started in 2009 as a place to test and develop language learning content, web based software, and LMS platforms. It now has become a place for learning technologists and learners a like to share digital learning content. We are all learning together here, as new technologies facilitate.

Team Teachers
Educational Technology

Teams of teachers supporting each other - because education is a team effort
There are going to be a ton of teachers at all levels teaching online classes for the first time starting this year and I hope to provide some insight, tools, and support to those teachers. Here you will find some basic information on online learning theories, introductions to popular online learning tools, and some tips for first time online teachers.

Are you in VR?

Most of this website is optimized for WEB VR.

Academic Research

A growing body of work in fields related to immersive and educational technology as well as digital and immersive tourism.



Published Books

Authored and co-authored books to capstone large works


Articles Published

Academic publications for the advance of immersive learning and teaching


Academic Presentations

SXSW, TEDx, IEEE, and other special invited talks around the world


Grants and other awards

Leading the way with innovative and award winning projects and research


Public Research Listings

Outreach for Digital Literacy


Public Speaking Inquires

Passionate about an informed global digital community

Learning opportunities for your students and community

Global Collaborative Learning Projects

Why Me?

Why Me?

Leadership Communication
Explore the 'why' in each of us to better communicate with teams and engage with communities

BIG Project

Before I Graduate

Goal Setting
Finding a north star to guide us into the future and supporting each other in moving toward it.

My Hometown Project

My Hometown

Cultural Exchange
Travel the world, exploring communities alive with stories and experiences in virtual reality.

Eric Hawkinson YouTube

Digital Engagement

Leading discussions on digital citizenship, privacy, digital health, technology development and the future of digital learning on YouTube.

Digital CItizenship

Data Collection and Privacy

Immersive Learning Blog

Where I write about the future of technology in learning along with reports from my experiments in immersive technology development projects.

Eric Hawkinson


Authored books and recommended reading

One with English
BIG Project

Game Based Learning

Expedient feedback, reward for failure, agency in approach and other wonderful traits of games are big influences in my learning designs.



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The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination. Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new. It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge. If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.
- Albert Einstein


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